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Human Resources

Human Resources

Talent is the creator of customer value and enterprise value, and is the core competitiveness of enterprise development. The development of enterprises is first of all human development. The competition of enterprises is, in the final analysis, the competition of talents.

We adhere to the struggle of making efforts to create value for our customers. Struggles are the backbone of the company and the foundation of the company. Distribution, motivation and talent cultivation are inclined to the strugglers.

We advocate the commitment and dedication of our efforts, and we pay more attention to the hard work of the spiritual level.

We have been doing:

1. Talent growth: Established a dual-channel career development path for management and technology.

2. Talent Incentives: Establish and continuously improve performance-oriented performance evaluation and incentive systems.

3. Talent attraction: Established a position and salary system that is competitive and performance-oriented and competitive.

We continue to create a people-oriented management atmosphere of “working in Foryou, learning in Foryou, developing in Foryou, and growing up in Foryou”, and are committed to providing a good platform for employees to develop and develop.


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